5 Mistakes To Avoid To Invest In the Outdoor Playground More Effectively

5 Mistakes To Avoid To Invest In the Outdoor Playground More Effectively

You are a real estate investor, and you want to increase the value of a neighbourhood or an urban area that is about to open for sale by building and choosing to buy children’s play area equipment. However, many seemingly simple problems quickly become unfortunate mistakes that reduce investment efficiency.

Here are five mistakes to avoid; pay attention to have the best business investment orientation plan!

1. Choose the location to build the outdoor playground

One of the issues you need to keep in mind is that it must be appropriate and practical when choosing a play area. Although your real estate land fund is not much, try to find a spacious location, convenient to travel near the centre and have as much green space as possible. So what are the criteria for an ideal location?

  • Near the centre and crowded residential areas: Convenient travel is one reason to attract families to your amusement park. And the more people come here, the more potential customers will notice the urban area you invest in; on the other hand, you will increase the value of the land and houses near this amusement park.
  • Stay away from dangerous locations: For children’s playgrounds, safety always comes first, so consider choosing an appropriate place. Avoid areas that are too close to rivers and lakes, such as construction works.
  • The land must have solid terrain: You should carefully study the current topography of the land where you plan to build the amusement park is safe and secure or not. For example, if that land was previously farmland, you need to renovate and strengthen the surface to ensure general safety.

2. Mistake in choosing the size of the outdoor playground

The scale of investment in amusement parks is significant, and it determines the efficiency of your real estate business. It will usually be a budget of 200 million or up to a billion dong for the outdoor playground model, depending on the investment.

Therefore, before deciding, consider whether the amusement park brings many benefits to your urban area? How to increase real estate value? From there, you need to balance and calculate the outdoor playground’s size to suit the company’s financial conditions. Because each scale will require specific capital, you should consider choosing the size that fits your money.

3. Not preparing the arising capital

Many subjective investors only prepare just enough capital for spending issues such as amusement park premises, game equipment or utility costs, and operating expenses.

However, you need to know that in addition to main costs, there are also many estimated costs for arising such as broken machinery and equipment and the cost of expanding services during customer use.

So plan a small cost for problems arising in the process of building and developing the amusement park!

4. Mistakes when choosing a construction design unit

A whole project of a large amusement park with an investment of up to billions of dong, you need to search and select the most professional suppliers and consultants. It is best to consider a provider that offers a full service to design and construct a children’s play area to save time and money.

5. Self-design to save cost

Many investors want to save money, do it themselves, and design the amusement park themselves. It can affect the quality of the overall landscape design style, and at the same time, not bring about high efficiency.

In addition, there are many cases of choosing a less reputable and poor quality unit, which leads to the selection of non-specialized service providers, affecting the quality of design and construction of the outdoor playground.

Advice for investors and business owners who intend to invest in the outdoor playground is to choose a reputable and reliable address to design and execute the project. You can give your ideas and requirements, and then the service provider will advise and give you a design style that makes you satisfied. Finally, carry out the construction and complete the project.

Currently, Green Play is known as one of the reputable children’s playground equipment suppliers used by many customers. If you are looking for an address that provides design and construction consulting services for amusement parks, Green Play is the first choice.

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