Why should children be encouraged to play outdoors?

Why should children be encouraged to play outdoors?

Letting your baby play outdoors gives your child the opportunity to explore the natural environment and have exciting adventures. That helps children learn how to play, test their physical limits, express themselves and build confidence.

Why is outdoor play important?

Playing outdoors can be very naughty and messy – but that’s all the more fun for them!

Because when your kids are outside, they have more space and freedom for movement, like running, jumping, kicking and throwing. Physical activities like these will be great for your child’s health, fitness and physical development.

Spending more time outdoors will reduce your child’s risk of developing myopia. And playing in the sun also helps your baby absorb more vitamin D naturally and best.

Why is outdoor play important?

Some suggestions for places where children can play outdoors

It’s good to encourage your child to go outside to play several times a day. Because playing outside is not a big deal, especially if you have space right in your yard.

When a little older, most children love to “help” with the housework for their parents. Therefore, you can develop ideas for both playing and incorporating daily chores, such as sweeping the garden, watering the vegetable garden or drying the clothes.

Let’s spend time with your child going to the nearby park or sports field, and the public play area is an easy and economical choice, that is in case if your home does not have a playground. At this point, your child will have more space to run around and meet other children.

Some suggestions for places where children can play outdoors

Outdoor fun by age

Playing outdoors helps your baby learn about differences and become more comfortable with the world around them.

Toddlers love to explore the world around them, which is also a way to check their physical development. Outdoor play for toddlers includes:

  • Throw and chase the ball
  • Rotate, push or pull different toys and objects
  • Walk, run or jump around trees, puddles or favourite objects
  • Blow bubbles and chase them
  • Playing in the sand or a small lake – You should always supervise your child when playing in the water to avoid problems.

Kindergarten children learn through playing with other children. You can make the most of this period with your child with these ideas:

  • Play catch, hide and seek, or hide objects
  • Crawling through tunnels or climbing safely
  • Play baking games, cook with old utensils
  • Take a walk with your baby and name the sounds he or she hears
  • Build a small house or tent out of old items such as cardboard boxes, clothes baskets or unused furniture.

Children who have started school should be involved in more structured games such as outdoor playground equipment. At this age, children still enjoy:

  • Build and create old appliances, furniture, or other things your child can find outside
  • Play hide and seek chase
  • Climbing on trees.

Outdoor fun by ageOutdoor fun by age

Bumps and bruises when playing outdoors

It’s normal to worry about your child getting hurt while playing outside, especially when they’re always looking for and trying new things. However, don’t let that worry stop them from having fun. That means your baby will cry when she gets a few scratches from a fall. But this is the only way to help your child learn from mistakes and get up. Children are often more likely to be seriously injured if they have little experience of playing outside.

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