How to connect emotionally with children that parents should know

How to connect emotionally with children that parents should know

It is essential to make emotional connections to understand children from an early age. It affects the personality as well as the psycho-emotional development of the child. And parents are the ones who play a significant role in helping children positive develop natural emotions by teaching and connecting with their children more.

Children are sensitive to the surrounding influences on pregnancy and first show their emotions at 2 to 6 years. And this emotional formation and development are often affected by many external objective factors. So what are those factors?

Emotional connection with children in crowded places

  • Parents’ behaviour: The influence of parents’ daily behaviour habits is the first factor affecting the formation and emotional development of the baby. It has been proven by early education research. If parents have civilized and skilful behaviours, children will have a positive influence and vice versa. However, there are exceptions.
  • From friends around: Friends of the same age, playing with, interacting every day in class, close to home are also components that make a significant impact on the child’s emotions and how to handle emotions.
  • Baby’s living environment: Currently, the living environment affects the child’s psychological and brain development. Especially the influence of information technology factors that children are exposed to early.

Suggest ways to connect emotionally with children

Currently, a significant fact shows that parents and children are increasingly separated. Children’s lives only revolve around exposure to intelligent devices without much connection with parents, relatives and friends. Here are ways to connect emotionally with children that parents should refer to:

  • Talk to your child more

It seems that modern life has made parents busier, with less time to talk to their children. It is an initial problem that creates the child’s psychological alienation from the parents and makes it difficult for parents to grasp the changes in the child’s psychology. By talking to children more about school, class, friends or even an issue of concern, parents will understand their children better and promptly orient their children’s thoughts when there is a tendency to go wrong.

  • Read stories with your baby and learn together

It is one of the ways to connect emotional that parents should spend much time. At least you can read a story with your child before bedtime every day; during that time can understand the baby’s thoughts, which can help the baby talk and communicate with parents instead of letting the baby be alone. Read or watch on your phone or smart device.

  • Play games with your child at home

In addition, the way to explore new games with your baby is also a way to connect emotions most naturally and effectively—two-player games such as playing chess, playing with water, playing with bricks. When you play with your baby, it will create cohesion and communication. From there, understand the changes in the baby’s emotions and at the same time make it possible for the baby to develop natural feelings, to be more connected with parents and siblings.

  • Take your baby to the outdoor playground space

Outdoor play areas in public parks or residential areas are gaining more and more attention. It is considered the most appropriate way to connect emotionally with children for parents today. Here, parents can play with their children safely, and they also make new friends.

Most of all, your baby will learn to connect emotionally, communicate with many other friends while participating in the game. Parents also easily participate in the child’s play. It makes the baby more confident and able to develop himself better in front of strangers. Those are effective natural ways of connecting emotions that parents should know to join the emotional frequency with their children. Experiencing many games with your baby, reading books together, exploring the world around you, going to crowded environments. is the best way to help your baby develop emotions, being able to connect emotionally with your baby naturally then.

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